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Targeted, tested, & proven to deliver results


Just pick an area of your customer lifecycle to improve results... acquisition, order size, revenue per customer, ROI, LTV, customer satisfaction, customer engagement, customer retention, customer service, reducing refunds, chargebacks, returns, or customer re-acquisition... rewards can help.

Reward Programs

Rewards taken to the next level. Reward programs offer partners the option to message and deliver more pop and more zing in their sales, all in a seamlessly branded program. Reward programs boost six performance metrics all at once: acquisition, satisfaction, persistency/LTV, ROI, engagement, & retention.

Reward Logistics

All the tools and services our partners need to effortlessly implement a quality reward campaign. We do all the heavy lifting: strategy, creative, set-up, scripting, training, fulfillment, testing, reporting, quality assurance, refining, and more.

BBB Rating

Quality Matters. Compliance Matters. Customer Experience Matters. Great Customer Service Matters. Value Matters. These are the principles upon which our work is based, and why we've earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Rewards Improve Performance
ways to use rewards
  • 1. Boost Sales and Customer Acquisition Rates
  • 2. Increase Revenue Per Customer
  • 3. Reduce Refunds, Returns, and Chargebacks
  • 4. Decrease Customer Cancels
  • 5. Extend Customer Persistency/LTV
  • 6. Improve Customer Satisfaction
Your Reward Options
types of rewards

one-time rewards

One-time rewards are used as sweeteners (1) to improve customer acquisition or sales conversion performance, (2) to boost revenue per customer, (3) to retain customers, (4) to improve customer satisfaction, (5) to surprise and delight customers, and (6) to reduce refunds, returns, and chargebacks. Options include dining, shopping, travel, grocery, customer choice, and gift cards.

Recurring or Monthly Rewards

Recurring rewards are used (1) to boost offer value, to improve customer acquisition or sales conversion performance within a recurring sales model, (2) to extend customer persistency, (3) to boost revenue per customer, (4) to retain customers, (5) to increase customer engagement, and (6) to reduce refunds, returns, and chargebacks. Recurring rewards can be delivered weekly, monthly, quarterly, or synched to a product or billing cycle. Options include dining, shopping, travel, grocery, and customer choice.

Branded Reward Programs

Our most effective approach, branded reward programs are custom designed for our partners to amplify value, to boost messaging and marketing potential, and to radically improve results. Branded reward programs are a Swiss Army Knife for our partners, delivering six simultaneous improvements in one seamlessly integrated campaign: (1) Acquisition lift, (2) Satisfaction lift, (3) Persistency lift, (4) ROI and revenue per customer lift, (5) Engagement lift, and (6) Retention lift. Implementation of a branded reward program typically lifts bottom line results by 10%-20%.

typical Lift range
Revenue Per Customer
typical Lift range
typical Lift range

Our Reward Approach

More than you expect for less than you expect

What do our partners like best about working with Optimus? 5 things:

 We're perfectionists.  Delivering a quality, compliant product and an excellent experience really matters to us, and we work very hard to produce a great result for our partners every time.

 Our partners get a lot of free stuff.  We don't just sell rewards. We design, build, refine, and optimize reward campaigns end to end. That means that our projects come with strategy, test design, training, scripting, set-up, creative development, fulfillment, reporting and ongoing fine-tuning, all as free value adds to our work.

 NO SET-UP FEES. NO DEVELOPMENT FEES. NO MINIMUMS.  We believe in our products. We believe in our approach. We believe in our results. So we don't lock up partners in long term contracts or soak them with extra fees.

 We get paid on performance.  Our partners only pay for the rewards they use. That's why we work so hard to make sure the campaigns we build for our partners are sustainable and proven winners - because their success is our success.

 We deliver.  A lot of folks are just looking for a quick sale. We're looking for long-term partners and long-term results. That makes us always hungry, relentlessly engaged, uber responsive and proactive, endlessly creative, laser focused, and fiercely loyal.

Reward Results

Proven Performance & Measurable ROI
With millions of rewards distributed and millions of performance data points recorded, our rewards and strategies are well-tested and proven. Optimus works with partners in industries like energy, financial services, direct marketing, health and wellness, tech and digital marketing, travel, automotive, consumer retail, education, & philanthropy. We work with our partners to custom design, build, and execute reward campaigns ranging from narrowly tailored micro-programs to broad ranging national applications. Goals are carefully targeted. Performance is carefully measured. Results are carefully reported and refined.

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